Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Revolution Update!

No, not the revolution you're thinking of, the Revolution Brewing Company.
First, two new beers out tonight.
Skara Brae (barrel-aged scotch ale, rye and whiskey barrels)
Backyard IPA (I can't seem to find what makes this differ from Anti-Hero, but I'm not complaining about another Revolution IPA)

Second, there's a beer dinner with Revolution Brewing and Metropolitan Brewing on October 18th, it's vegetarian, AND it's already SOLD OUT. Insert the sad trombone here. This is worth keeping on your calendar though, searching for tickets on Craigslist, etc. It's probably not the first vegetarian food and beer pairing in meaty Chicagoland, but it's one of the few I've heard of in my time as a Chicago beer blogger.

Next post will have the menu copied from the Revolution website, just for educational and teasing purposes.

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