Monday, June 20, 2011

A little bit on Trappist beer distribution

Tom Acitelli of All About Beer shares some thoughts on distribution and Trappist ales.

Funny how often I hear people use "boring" and Chimay in the same sentence, yet it's the most widely available of the Trappist beers, not because of quality, but because of production. And the hardest to find are considered the best by a lot of people? Just lends itself to the argument that even in the beer world, rarity somehow translates to quality in the minds of the geeks. But, it doesn't. Westvleteren is probably on the 100 or 1000 beers to try before you die list, so I guess I need to plan a trip to the actual brewery in this lifetime.

Also, on the wikpedia entry for Trappist beer, there's a mention of a new French abbey, called Sainte Marie du Mont des Cats, but the beer is brewed at Chimay right now.

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