Monday, May 9, 2011

De Struise Brouwers and their American Collaborators

I honestly don't know much about De Struise. I've seen their name bouncing around the internet ever since I gave birth to OMG Beer! in January of 2008. They've collaborated with a lot of breweries already, and with brewpubs. They've pissed off the TTB (the people that approve beer labels) by basically depicting a drunk Jesus in a Santa hat. There's more here on their wikipedia entry. Now, they've done a small U.S. tour, including two Chicago area stops.

Three Floyds - with Three Floyds they're making a gigantic, citrus hop bombed Double Belgian IPA. 260IBUS!? I don't even know if that's something you can taste (I've heard rumors that are tastebuds can't recognize much past 130IBUs). 9% ABV, De Struise's beer yeast.

Half Acre/Pipeworks - Half Acre hosted the upcoming Chicago brewery Pipeworks, as well as De Struise, to make what one brewer called “a red sour ale at around 8.5 % ABV, for the occasion to be fermented with red currants and cherries.” This will be in 22 oz bombers soon, and available at Half Acre.

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