Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New beer from Short's Brewing - The Curl American Pilsner

Is there really an American Pilsner style? Yellow fizz macros aside, maybe there really is or could be an American Pilsner? And if so, are imperials allowed? Short's says yes to all of these things, and is now bottling The Curl, described by them as:

"One of the first Imperial beers made at Short’s, this American Pilsner has an appealing clear, bright, golden straw color. Faint esters of fresh baked bread and grain aromas precede the flavor resulting from the abundance of flake maize used in this recipe. Hefty doses of hops create a pronounced dryness that seamlessly blends with the crisp, clean finish."

The hops used are apparently Amarillo. This probably lends a touch of citrus to the aroma and flavor of the pilsner, and a touch of spiciness (which is more like the traditional noble hops used in pilsners). Think Rogue Yellow Snow IPA or Three Floyds Gumball Head turned into a pilsner.

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