Monday, May 9, 2011

Bitch, Please! (Three Floyds and Brewdog Collaboration Beer)

A Three Floyds/Brewdog Collaboration must mean insane hops and ingredients; here's what the guys from Brewdog had to say about this scottish barleywine:
"I am a collaborative brew. I am a messed up, idiosyncratic, schizophrenic son of a bitch. I would blame my parents. With the wolves of Three Floyds and pirates from BrewDog involved, the writing really was on the wall for me. Right from the start. Nick, Barnaby and Chris from the legenedry Three Floyds visited BrewDog in August 2010 to brew this crazy beer. An inherently Scottish spin on a barley wine brewed with peated malts from Islay, shortbread, toffee and eclectic hops. After fermentation the beer was aged in old Jura single malt whisky barrels for 8 months. All because of the Scamp Wolf of Badenoch. Bitch it up baby!"

The eclectic hops, according to Nick Floyd, are all New Zealand varieties, with a lot of Green Bullet and Nelson Sauvin.

Here's a link to the Brewdog store, where you can order a few for yourself, assuming they do some kind of magical pound into dollar conversion stuff. Perhaps some bottles or kegs will make their way to Indiana or Chicagoland beer stores.

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