Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Metropolitan Brewery, Part 2

Flywheel Bright Lager - A pilsener. Golden-yellow, slightly fruity and spicy aroma, touch of maltiness. Faintly herbal. You should be drinking this, and drinking local, instead of that macro lager you had at a bbq a few weeks ago.

Dynamo Copper Lager - Vienna lager. See the review here. One of the better vienna lagers in the Chicago market.

Krankshaft Kolsch - a pale fruity beer, ale yeast aged at lager temperatures, smooth, with a very interesting hop aroma. Touch of wheat flavor as well, and a citrus aspect to the fruitiness rare in lager/lager-like beers. The official beer of the city of Cologne.

I-Beam Alt - lighter in color than the Dynamo Copper, and more balanced. Caramel and bread aromas, a hint of spice from the hops. Another ale yeast aged at lager temperatures beer, this keeps the beer from getting fruity in the way of an English or American beer of this color. Nice creamy body too.

Generator Doppelbock - OMG Beer is going to start a letter writing campaign to Metropolitan if this beer isn't scheduled to return in the fall. Doppelbocks are dark lagers on steroids. This beer feels light on the tongue, but wows with a subtle sweet mix of roasted malts, nuts, and dried fruits. Not a whole of hops balancing that out, but the sweetness isn't cloying, and the 8.2% ABV is well hidden behind the flavor.

More pictures to come when OMG Beer isn't posting from it's day job.

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