Monday, August 16, 2010

The Quest for Beervana, #6 - The Beers of Summer, pt. 1

Chicago's summer allows for no rest. We cram every last bit of festival and outdoor event into 3 months, because come November, we're all already suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Here's a list of some of our favorites from summer drinking (think mid-May to August).

North Coast Old Stock Ale - a yearly release that ages well, OMG Beer recommends getting a 4 pack, having one now, one in 6 months after you hide it in a cool dark place, and then the other 2 after a year or more, sharing them with a friend. Friends deserve good beer. 9.2% ABV

Great Lakes Eliot Ness - Vienna lager. The best we've had.
Metropolitan Dynamo Copper Lager - see review.

Left Hand Sawtooth Ale (on nitro tap @ Smallbar Division in Chicago) - normally, a tasty bitter. Out of a nitro tap, it gives new live to the British pub beer legacy. This is what those british pales and bitters should be like, but never are after being shipped here across the sea, poorly cared for, and so on.

Half Acre Gossamer (in cans!) -

THE IPAS OF TEXAS - It will be hard to recall each individually, but these beers were all delicious finds on a short trip to Texas. All the breweries made some pretty spectacular beer as a whole, but it was IPA after IPA on a hot weekend with an IPA fanatic friend.

St. Arnold - Houston brewery
(512) - Austin Independence - Austin brewery with a fantastic tasting event the first saturday of every month.
Franconia - small, newish brewery
Live Oak - more Austin. fantastic hefeweizen as well.
Real Ale - The Full Moon Pale Rye once got brewed by OMG Beer!, big hit. Blanco, TX, in the hill country.

Revolution Brewing: my first trip to Revolution led to two more, because this place is delicious. Both beers were great full flavored examples of their style.

Bottom Up Wit - delicious and refreshing wit with coriander and orange peel.

Coup de Grace Saison - spicy goodness, maybe allspice, excellent carbonation per the style, and an excellent blend of sweet maltiness and spicy hops, in a low-mid bodied beer.

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