Saturday, March 6, 2010

OMG Beer Tasting: Beer and Sausage Pairings

Here at OMG Beer! we like to eat, while we drink. Take care of two essential acts in one sitting. Sometimes, we even take the time to match the flavors of what we're drinking, with what we're eating. Maximize Taste Efficiency! That's our communist/capitalist slogan of the week. Last night we did sausage and beer with the taste-driven folks behind Fino Products (importers of delicious Croatian olive oil).

Curry Bratwurst, Lost Abbey Carnevale Belgian-Style Saison (solid pairing, but the curry was mild and the saison a little too sweet and fruity)

Boudin Blanc with Brandy, La Choulette Blonde French Country Ale (best pairing of the night, the flavors merged in your mouth)

Spanish Chorizo, Tyranena Bitter Woman India Pale Ale (sausage ruled, beer ruled, together, pretty awesome, something even spicier in hops might have worked better)

Polish Smoked Kielbasa, River West Brewing/OMG Beer’s Pugilistic Porter (not a great pairing, but both products were made in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood)

Venison Sausage with Merlot and Blueberries, St. Bernardus Prior Abbey 8 Dubbel (best sausage of the night, pairing was a 6 out of 10)

More tasting notes over the next few days as guests share their thoughts.

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