Monday, March 1, 2010

Chicago Beer News - Flossmoor Station Brewery

Bryan Shimkos and Richard Grant of Flossmoor keep themselves busy. They still find time to keep the internet informed as to what they're doing at the brewery and around Chicagoland, so here's an update on all things Flossmoor.

First off, they put a new stout on tap. A bourbon imperial stout clocking in at 10.5% abv.

Second, Flossmoor has taken rye to a new level, and created what they call a rye-wine. It's made of 58% rye malt and is 11% abv. Should be available, in I believe wine bottles, but check here and at the Flossmoor Blog for more announcements about the March 20th Release of Hi-Fi Rye Wine.

While you're over at Flossmoor Station's blog, check out their new English IPA, Mick Jaggery. The name might make you grown, but I vouch for the likely awesomeness of this brew, made with an indian palm sugar called jaggery, and a boatload of english hops. Mick Jaggery gets tapped on March 13th.

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