Monday, March 1, 2010

Half Acre Brewing Company's Ginger Twin India Red Ale

Style: American Red/Amber
Origin: USA
ABV: 6.5%
Glass Type: Pint (poured from a growler)
Current OMG Rating: 8.6

Hoppy ambers aren't new to the American Craft scene, but the more of them made by the best breweries in your region, the better. Half Acre Brewing Company, mad wizards of beer and now soda, bless us with a new beer on what seems like a monthly basis. A growler of beer (64 oz.) goes a long way, and maintains some of that tap freshness for a few days; I recommend any Chicagoans take the opportunity to pick up their favorite Half Acre in a growler. Plus, the staff loves their jobs and loves you, their customer. I'm not paid to say any of this, I swear, but recognition is required.

Ginger Twin lives up to its India Red name. The hops hit your nose first, citrusy and and pungent, backed up by the sweetness of caramel and perhaps a hint of toasted bread. The cloudy red body makes you think of Three Floyds Gumball Head perhaps, and the hop profile may well contain the very popular Amarillo hop variety showcased in that neighborhood beer. The taste mirrors the aroma, with a nice lingering mix of hop flavor and sweet maltiness; the breadiness is still present as well. The bitterness of the beer definitely speaks to the the India Red name as well, lingering just enough on the tongue to make you think you have a midwestern IPA in your mouth, instead of an American Red ale. Arguably, another place where American styles overlap. Still, style guidelines have their limits, where your tastebuds care about one thing: awesome flavor. And there's plenty of that in Ginger Twin. Hopefully we see this beer appearing on and off throughout the year.

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