Monday, March 8, 2010

Southern Tier Chokolat Imperial Stout

Style: American Imperial Stout
Origin: USA
ABV: 11%
Glass Type: Snifter
Current OMG Rating: 9.1

Poured deep, light-denying black, with a thin, milk white head. Deep chocolate bar aroma dominated the nose, with a touch of caramel and dark chocolate. Anticipation grew from that delicious presentation, but suspicion too; how can you hide 11%? Apparently, you can...and Southern Tier did it with ease. The velvety texture started with chocolate milk, then a touch of toffee and caramel, and hiding at the end of the sip: a fruity, almost cherry-like touch. The beer departs dry, with a powdered chocolate feeling on the tongue, yet still sweet. One of these for dessert with your favorite other human. Might also be the pinnacle of chocolate stouts.

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