Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tyranena Rocky's Revenge

Rocky's Revenge
American Brown Ale (portion aged in bourbon barrels)

a rocky huck huck huck head, tan nice lacing and it settled into a lasting 1/8inch ring; nice brown color, not far from newcastle but hazier

wood, vanilla, bourbon, caramel, light nuttiness

earthy and floral, smoothness that fades to the bourbon vanilla aftertaste, and still hints at the wood. For a beer with only a portion aged in bourbon barrels, the flavor comes through as a dominant aroma and aftertaste, but in a good bourbon vanilla forward way. Reminiscent of the smell of vanilla extract bottles. If I didn't know better, I'd say the hops come through a little more than expected, given the aroma, but it helps balance the beer in your mouth. Bourbon is really well done - too much would kill the beer, or add too much sweetness.

Drinkability (haha, just kidding!):
Very versatile beer too - you don't really need more than one because of the complex and intense flavor profile, and to avoid the bourbon getting to your tongue, but it works in a session of beers, or as an after dinner treat.

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  1. Hey beer lovers: The Gage is having a very interesting event on Jan. 18 in which Dogfish Head's Ancient Ales series of beers is being paired with foodie-foods. The beers sound amazing. Two of the beer recipies are based on chemical analyses of ancient pottery to determine what the ancients were drinking ... then again, who knows how good ancient beers are. I mean, if my choice as an ancient Honduran is between drinking chocolate beer or nothing, well, the choice is obvious...