Friday, July 31, 2009

OMG Beer! gets political - Obama's "tasting" at the White House

OMG Beer! believes there is a place in this world for every beer, no matter who makes it or who owns the brewery. That said, all the beers at Obama's little tasting should have represented something about America, had a little bit to do with American beer, and probably, at the least, made here. Maybe its not an American issue, per se, but a world one; in finding our own solutions as a nation, American beer should be involved. If there is truth to the fact that Henry Louis Gates, Jr. decided on Samuel Adams instead of Red Stripe, OMG Beer! says Amen! to that decision. Samuel Adams is ubiquitous, yet still delicious and crafted by people that care about beer and as the name suggests, care about America.


  1. This would have been handled differently in Germany.

  2. A strong viking beer would have sent a more powerful message.