Friday, July 31, 2009

Goose Island's Red Felt

Perhaps if Obama had gone for craft beer, while sharing beer with Sgt. Crowley and Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr, he would have gone for a hometown brew. Goose Island's Red Felt American Red Ale, brewed as part of the Clybourn Heritage series (celebrating the brewery's Clybourn St. pub?), brims with American beer flavor. Three varieties of American hops (Cascade, Columbus, and Crystal) add a citrus and pine forest twist to caramel and toasted bread flavors. There's even a hint of chocolate in the aroma and aftertaste, adding an extra dimension of creaminess to a hefty bitter and malty brew. Probably OMG Beer's favorite Goose Island brew at the moment. There's nothing lacking here. Big malts, big hops, very drinkable and smooth for as big as the flavors get, and at 6% ABV, a bomber or two between friends is a delicious way to start an evening. Or fill the middle of it. Or end it. Or all three.


  1. I am intrigued by the caramel allure of this Goose Island offering, but alas, feel that there are too many better options in Berlin. German hops is the best hops.

  2. Prague too has many fine selections, some of which contain hops from our sister city of Zatec. Germany is a fine country, but its hops can eat a dick.

    Zatec hops is the best hops!!!

  3. The Czech Republic is a bunch of pussies whose beer is highly overrated. Try a Pfungstaedter sometime and you will see that German brew is a superior brew.