Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pursuit of Beervana, No. 2 - Brooklyn Brewery Reserve Series

Sorry folks, for posting this blank.

The last two Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Reserve beers fall into the category of awesome beers I've come across in recent outings to quench the unquenchable thirst that plagues OMG Beer!

Essentially a spiced wheat ale, or some would say a strong belgian pale, Brooklyn's Cuvee de Cardoz takes its inspiration from the culinary world (which overlaps with the brewing world so very very well), with a spice mixture based on an Indian chicken dish, mixed with unmalted white wheat and belgian yeast. What you end up with is an extremely complex beer that hides its 8% ABV well, while teasing your palate with an assortment of spices and slightly fruity yeast esters.

Brooklyn Brewery's Sorachi Ace Saison takes a unique hop variety (Sorachi Ace, developed by Sapporo in Japan) and puts it front and center on top of a very drinkable belgian saison/farmhouse recipe. This beer tastes of lemon and citrus and due to some dry-hopping, a great grassy floral aroma. Very much looking forward to this appearing at OMG Beer's local watering holes soon...look for this as summer wraps up.

I also love that the Brooklyn Brewery website remembers my name whenever I visit.


  1. There is not much opportunity to eat Indian food in Sweden but this beer sounds interesting nonetheless. Might I also recommend God Lager. It is immortal!!

  2. The indian food in the Ukraine is only mezzo-mezzo, so even if this intriguing beer made its way to Alchevsk, I would probably not order it.

  3. There is essentially no Indian food in Seoul. How would the fruity yeast in this beer pair with kimchi?