Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Boozy Beggar begins

I'm not exactly Batman, but I'll be sharing with you the best in local and midwestern beer, cocktails, beverage ideas, recipes you can use at home, spirits to look out for, etc, etc, amen. Coffee will appear periodically, as well as other non-alcoholic beverages, as I also work on making my own sodas and kombucha/tea. Food pairings and ingredient prep for at home beer and cocktails. Restaurants doing tasting events, especially in Chicago. Some focus will be on what you can do at home, including preparing syrups, infusing spirits, what beers and spirits pair with what food, etc. I'll still be linking to other midwestern and Chicago blogs when events or releases are announced, but will also be producing more original content on at least a weekly or even twice a week basis.

twitter: BoozyBeggarChi

I highly encourage anyone in the industry that comes across this to do one of the following:
1) email me and we can chat about your brand/producers' events in and around Chicagoland
2) send me calendar links so I can just keep track myself of what you have going on
3) talk about product ideas, etc

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