Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Time...

Evolution happens to nature, but to the conscious, creative world, it happens because of choices. It's become time to do something more with OMG Beer! A few things brought this on. One, I can not and will not be associated in anyway with the other blog using the OMG Beer! name. I'm not sure who came first and I don't care. They do video blogs. They are really proud of getting drunk a lot. That's enough for me to not want to be attached to the same moniker. Two, I'm not just about beer anymore. I'm about flavors and combinations, I'm about cocktails with beer in them and without beer in them, with what goes with seitan and pulled pork, and so on.

SO, here's where we stand. This whole venture needs a new name. There's some that are being tossed around at OMG Beer Headquarters (which currently consists of two cats in an apartment). There's going to be a lot more going on here in terms of variety, but also in terms of particular booze ventures. No, I won't talk about chocolate martinis. I don't even know how to make one. I will talk about cocktails. I will talk about experiences as a bartender when I get to have them. I will talk about brewing more actually, but also about making syrups and tinctures and infused spirits. I will delve into the complexities of sugar. I will be writing for a plant-based diet blog that leans gluten-free and organic and link to those posts from here.

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  1. Whats the link to the food blog? I'm interested.