Monday, June 25, 2012

National Homebrewers Conference - A Post-Event Guide

Check out a re-cap/news release about NHC 2012.

I did my own share of homebrewing thought this weekend, though no action (hey, I'm a busy guy).
One, I'm going to end up experimenting with some gluten-free kits and offerings, potentially in concert with a food blog dedicated to "clean" eating. More on that as it develops.

Two, I'm thinking of trying my hand at a cherry dubbel, if I can get access to enough cherries.  That and something one-notch up from the rye blonde ale (recipe up soon). The rye blonde was delicious, made top 10 at a restaurant's tasting event (out of about 30 entries). That was pretty much Mt. Hood hops, pilsen malt, rye malt. I'm leaning towards using the same yeast (london III), though aiming for more carbonation.

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