Monday, June 25, 2012

Microbrew drinking in the past 30 days - A study

The information below comes from here. CHICAGO, WTF? We're clearly not working hard enough to bring new craft drinkers into the fold, if this is accurate.

Among the top twenty local markets for American adults 21+ who have had a microbrew in the past 30 days are:
DMA % of Adults 21+ Who Drank a Microbrew
Denver, CO 13%
Portland, OR 13%
Seattle, WA 11%
Colorado Springs, CO 9%
Milwaukee, WI 9%
Spokane, WA 9%
San Francisco, CA 8%
Boston, MA 8%
Grand Rapids, MI 8%
Austin, TX 7%
Minneapolis, MN 7%
Hartford, CT 7%
San Diego, CA 7%
Tucson, AZ 7%
Baltimore, MD 7%
Washington, DC 6%
Rochester, NY 6%
Green Bay, WI 6%
Des Moines, IA 6%
Kansas City, MO 6%

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