Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vague Spring Seasonal drinking ideas

Spring Beer Ideas:

On the colder days: brown ales, porters, some ambers/red ales, belgian dubbels. Tripels have the booze to support you in the cold, but the lighter flavors might trick you into taking off a layer you actually need. Vienna lagers are the bomb for a cool spring day. Biere de Gardes were sort of design for spring (at the de Mars versions). English dark milds will get you through the day, just like it did the workers of England years ago. Some of the lighter Scottish ales too, though save your Wee Heavy's for next fall. Dunkelweizen! I need to brew another. Weizenbocks even better for the cold.

On the warmer days: IPAs, especially ones leaning more towards pine and woods and less citrus, will make you think of all those budding trees. Flowery ones, as well as pilsners, might evoke flowers. Save your saisons for summer, but some of the sweeter belgian pales and definitely belgian tripels seem right in the spring day ballpark. Wheat beers with enough body that you don't feel like you're drinking bread-water. Kolsch can be refreshing, yet also subtle, introspective.

There's really no wrong choices. I say stay away from really light and refreshing beers when you're hands are still numb, and avoid sweeter, boozier, dessert-tasting beers when it's warm and you should be outside rejoicing.

Coming up soon, local beers for spring! Maybe just a list because we have so many damn beers now.

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