Thursday, March 29, 2012


With a roster of brews both tasty and hilariously named, Shmaltz goes barrel-aging bananas and takes 6 of their beers and blends them into one. I should trademark Barrel-aging Bananas.* Funky Jewbelation will be out in bottles in nationally, hence why I am sharing.

Win at All About Beer magazine does a great job of describing just what Shmaltz does in Funky Jewbelation. Check out the successes of the Shmaltz barrel-aging program in the past three years: one silver medal from GABF for He'brew R.I.P.A. on rye, two gold medals from the World Beer Championships for He'brew Vertical Jewbelation and Barrel-Aged Coney Island Human Blockhead. And the folks on RateBeer gave a 99 to Genesis 15:15.

*who wants to make a beer and age it in a bourbon barrel with bananas?

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