Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Beers?

As I recover from the daily use of eyedrops (which amazingly drain into your throat, and affect taste slightly), I'm thinking, let's talk spring beer? Between all the Chicago beer news I've been trying to keep up with, and the usual heavy-hitters from around the globe, there's a lot of beer appropriate for the Chicago version of spring.

You've probably noticed, spring arrived for good yesterday. There's no nights below even the 40s in the next week or two, and plenty of days where the high is just around 70. Of course, that doesn't mean we won't have chilly wet days where the temperature hovers between 45F and 55F. It's great brewing weather, and a key period for homebrewing if you don't have AC. Get some American/English Ales in the fermenter now, before temperatures are only in Belgian yeast ranges.

I'll try to focus on some great beers for this oddest of chicago seasons; so many styles seem approrpiate, from brown ales (also a fall favorite of mine) and the crisper porters, to bold, malt-backbone pale ales, black IPAs, and a whole slew of other beers.

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  1. Hey man, I'm excited to hear your thoughts about Black IPAs and to find out exactly what a crisp porter is. I had some beer from the Frankenmuth Brewery last weekend while I was home for St. Patty's Day and thought it would be worth mentioning to you. It's definitely one of my new favorite spring beers: