Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Beervana, #1

My delving into winter beer for the year started with some non-seasonal choices. Four different stouts. Not exactly an intentional decision, but I definitely drifted towards these extremely dark and foreboding beers, as if I could hide from the impending cold inside their dark centers.  

Central Waters Brewing Company - Satin Soltice Imperial Stout
Satin Solstice occupies the first opened beer of the holiday season (though two beers in #2 and #3 were purchased earlier). Central Waters, out of Wisconsin, feels pretty new in Chicagoland still, and I'm not sure this beer was at all around last year. This is a must-try. If I'd had a chance to review this in detail, I'd put it in the just over 8.0 range. It's delicious. It's the Iced Mocha of Imperial Stouts. 7.5% ABV, a creamy, well constructed body. Dominated by hints of coffee and milk chocolate and cream. As it warmed, grew sweeter, a little cloying, but while retaining a smooth texture.

Next post, Barley Island's oatmeal stout on cask and two very different Imperial Stouts.

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