Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Season/Winter Beer

The growing place of the seasonally appropriate beer might know no bounds. Every year, more seasonals arrive from more breweries.  At times, I wonder if we'll run out of room for them? I mean, before you can even sample a few hop harvest/wet hop ales (September-ish), you're local beer shelves become inundated with pumpkin ales (October). Then, you barely get a grip on those and Winter Ales and Xmas Beers start popping up in late November and Early December. That's on top of breweries with their own traditions about fall beer, with their own seasonal schedules that include some of their darker offerings, etc. For the sake of the next 3-4 weeks of reviewing attempts and articles, I'm splitting the Holiday season of drinking into two categories. The first is beers specifically brewed for the season and labeled in some way as a winter, holiday, or xmas beer.  The second category includes all beers where the flavor profile matches your holiday meals, your fireplaces and ugly sweaters, your presents and your creepy uncles.  Starting tomorrow, which is the first night of Chanukah, there will be a Holiday-Winter Beervana post per day, with beer recommendations, food pairings, and a few reviews.

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