Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fountainhead celebrates Wet Hop/Hop Harvest Ales

Next Tuesday, join Phil Kuhl of and at Fountainhead, and celebrate this year's Hop Harvest with some wet hops harvest ales.

First off, here's a great description and a bit on the origin of the Wet Hop/Hop Harvest Ale (from the Fountainhead's Facebook Event page):
"A Harvest Ale, Hop Harvest Ale, or Wet-Hopped Ale is a new brewing tradition that has developed in recent years among several West Coast breweries. Once a year, at the time of the hop harvest, several American craft brewers produce a beer similar to an American Pale Ale or American IPA, but made with freshly picked, undried hops that give the beer a unique flavor profile. The first wet-hopped beer in the United States was Sierra Nevada's Harvest Ale, brewed for the first time in 1996."

This year's 4th Harvest Fest features over a dozen wet-hopped drafts and one cask ale so far. See below for the list of delicious wet-hopped and harvest celebrating ales. Fall isn't just for Pumpkin beers and trying a few new dark ale releases, it is also for seeing what kind of fresh hop monster captures the recently passed hop harvest.

Sierra Nevada - Yakima Washington Harvest
Two Brothers - Heavy Handed Columbus
Victory - Harvest Pils
Three Floyd's - Broo Doo
Two Brothers - Heavy Handed Bravo
Sierra Nevada - Estate
Two Brothers - Heavy Handed Cascade
Victory - Harvest Ale
Great Divide - Fresh Hop
Two Brothers - Heavy Handed Centennial
Port - High Tide
Half Acre - Sticky Fat
Two Brothers - Heavy Handed Cask Conditioned

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