Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flossmoor Station New Tappings in August!

I've been remiss in keeping up with the flurry of activity out of Flossmoor, but I blame Nick Barron for brewing so much beer I can barely keep up. Thankfully, he summarized their next few tappings, and this quote is right out of his fingertips and into your eyeballs. The beer will go right out of their taps and into your mouths, via a pint glass, as soon as you stop reading and get on the train to Flossmoor.

"We'll be tapping the HopfenWeizen, which is a Hefeweizens but hopped like an IPA, including a healthy dry hopping. We used a nice, equal blend of Galena, Casacade and Palisade for each addition. It's debut will be Monday, the 15th, starting at 7pm for mug clubbers and 8pm behind the bar.

Next is a collaboration we did with City Provisions which is a Dunkel Weiss that we added 100 lbs of fresh Michigan Cherries to the mash. Cleetus, the head chef/proprietor of City Provisions dubbed it the Kirsch and Blucher DunkelWeiss, (Kirsch meaning German for Charity, and Blucher....well, just watch Young Frankenstein). That tapping will be Monday, the 22nd, again at 7pm for mug clubbers and 8 pm for behind the bar.

Finally, our last tapping this month is the Intercontinental Pale Lager, which we're doing again, and for those who don't remember or didn't get a chance to try it, it is a IPA style, but with a lager yeast and a blend of hops, predominately from continental Europe, with American hops. That'll be toasted on Monday the 29th, once again at 7pm for mug clubbers and 8pm behind the bar.

Whew, with all that going on, we also have a new sour on, which is the Candor*2. It's a blend of the peach sour with our station master wheat, but in a 70-30 blend, which makes it quite tart, but in a pleasing way!"

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