Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Finch's News

They know how to keep themselves busy at Finch's. I feel like I'm writing about them at least weekly. Their latest beer, Sapsucker, self described as a California-style Rye Beer, comes to kegs near you next week. I'll try to post a list of bars and restaurants with Sapsucker on tap as soon as I catch the brewery doing the same.

The brewery's Facebook page called it a California Common with rye. Anchor Steam is the most ubiquitous of California Commons, though they call it Steam beer because they trademarked the name. I'm imagining something like a spicier, creamier Anchor Steam, though I'm also thinking the Sapsucker hop bill is going to be a little bit more forward, perhaps a bit more citrus to the nose? Help me out Finch's!

Here's the label (hopefully the brewery is cool with me yanking this from Facebook).

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