Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heavy Seas Dubbel Cannon Belgian IPA from Clipper City

It's almost cruel that the review of the week (yeah, trying to restart that again) happens to be a beer that's really hard to get in Chicago. The Clipper City Heavy Seas label doesn't distribute to Chicago, last I was at Binny's (and believe me, that was pretty recent). They do however, pop up in southern Illinois and parts of Indiana, and in Florida, where I spend a couple of weeks per year. I've loved Clipper City Heavy Seas for awhile, and they were the exclusive providers of beer to the wedding of some friends in Baltimore (the home of Clipper City).

Name: Heavy Seas Dubbel Cannon
Brewery: Clipper City Brewing Company
Style: Belgian-style IPA
Brewed In: Baltimore, MD
Origin: Belgium
ABV: 7.25
Serving Glass: Pint
OMG Beer Rating: 9.3

Orange-amber in color, bordering on red, the Dubbel Cannon has a long-lasting off-white to almost tan head. The aroma is spiced cake, soaked in a dark rum hinting at darker fruits. Citrus hops still cut through, true to style. Definitely can tell there's a dubbel yeast working churning up a host of esters. Very belgian IPA flavor. Think american hops with the citrus emphasized by white pepper, cardamom, and clove spice notes, but backed by enough malt it doesn't end too bitter, and might appeal to non-IPA drinkers, especially belgian dubbel fans with an open mind.

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