Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goose Island...

I've been nothing but generous to this local brewery. Never once questioned their distribution deal. Haven't posted negatively (yet) about their 38+ million dollar sale to AB In-Bev. I've tried to never call out any brewery for their connections to venture capitalists or weird investment deals, or conglomerates, or what have you. I don't write about breweries buying each other, or merging, or taking over operations, or outsourcing. I don't plan on starting to do that now. First and foremost, this blog is about what you can get and what's worth putting past your lips. At some point though, you have to also stand for some principles. Whatever argument you wanted to make about Goose Island having principles before, actions speak louder than words. Between the sale and a recent event that have transpired in Chicago, you will no longer be seeing Goose Island reviews or announcements on this blog. There's too much legitimate craft beer out there, and frankly, I don't feel like informing you of AB In-Bev Goose's next version of Bourbon County Brand Stout anymore. The people who work at this brewery, the decent people I know still there, should leave anyway.

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  1. The decent people you speak of; the brewers, sales and marketing are still here doing the same awesome things we have always done. Our passion, talent and creativity will not change. Thanks for your understanding and support.