Monday, December 20, 2010

Some delightful beers from the Half Acre party "On Photon"

In exchange for my elite volunteer services (pouring beer like a champion, herding drinkers away from stairwells, high-fiving Mucca Pazza members) Half Acre let me a cast of volunteers attend their "On Photon" holiday party. Beers were provided by the following, besides Half Acre:

Pipeworks (more about this "new" Chicago brewery soon)
Three Floyds
Dogfish Head
Revolution Brewing
Flossmoor Station
Short's Brewing
Cigar City
Goose Island Brewing

It's a little blurry, but some stand-outs.

Pipeworks Pastrami on Rye, brewed with rye and pastrami spices, and I believe belgian yeast? Can't be sure, but this was delicious and complex. Not overspiced. Flossmoor's IPA and their woodford reserve barrel aged belgian red ale were highly talked about by guests. The Half Acre S.S. Simon Short porter. Revolutions' Fistmas Ale...and that's all my memory can handle. Good times, Half Acre, good times. Maybe next year I'll remember to write down all the beers.

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