Sunday, May 9, 2010

Terrapin Side Project #9 - The Dark Side (Belgian-style Imperial Stout)

Terrapin Side Project, Vol. 9 - The Dark Side Belgian Style Imperial Stout
Style: Belgian Strong Dark/Belgian Stout
Brewed In: Athens, GA
Origin: USA (by way of Belgium)
ABV: 8.5%
Serving Glass: Tasting Glasses
OMG Beer Rating: 7.8

The Dark Side pours as black as the name indicates. No light shall pass through this beer. The head is tan, falls quickly to a light fuzzy ring. The aroma hints at chocolate, a belgian yeast fruitiness, and maybe subtle tones of molasses and roast barley. The roast barley arrives a little more in the flavor, but belgian yeast fruitiness dominates until the aftertaste leaves a lingering burnt chocolate sweetness. The sweetness fades to a dry roast. Doesn't immediately come off as a strong, heavy beer, until halfway through the glass/bottle, when the sweet and creamy mouthfeel reminds you this is a strong stout; you need to be in the mood for sweetness too, because it starts to overwhelm as the beer warms. Share a bottle with a belgian beer loving friend, after a nice roasted meat dinner.

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