Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Quest for Beervana, 2010, #5 - Schlafly Biere de Garde

Schlafly Biere de Garde (fall 2008 bottle)
Style: Biere de Garde (brown/amber version)
Origin: France
ABV: 7%
Serving Glass: Pint
OMG Beer Rating: 8.4

OMG Beer! missed it's annual Schlafly visit in 2009, but fortunately, we had this bottle of their delicious Biere de Garde hanging around. It aged deliciously; the flavors have deepened, if memory serves us right. Nice mix of yeast, bread, caramel, and a hint of fruitiness. The yeast also adds an almost dusty, farmhouse flavor. Find a 2009 or 2010 bottle and buy two, one for now, one for in a year. You won't regret it.javascript:void(0)

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