Friday, April 16, 2010

Chicago's The Publican and a Food Pairing

Pairings, really. The Publican brings Chicago farmhouse inspired fare with a fantastic beer and wine menu. Combine this with a beautiful European style beer hall design, long tables, family-style servings, and a great staff, and you have a restaurant that stands out in a city full of restaurants. The one trouble we had was figuring out what 5 beers to order, to go with five dishes, being shared equally by five people. A free for all developed, but one pairing stood out. Dogfish Head's Indian Brown Ale compliment both the Country Ribs and the Farm Chicken. Both were from the fantastic Slagel Family Farm The malty molasses and chocolate flavors complimented the roasted meats, while the hops fell in line with the fantastic use of fresh herbs.

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