Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chicago Beer News - Goose Island Fulton and Wood Draft Series

4 Goose Island draft beers between now and November, named for the cross streets of the brewery, Fulton and Wood (in the very same neighborhood as OMG Beer! Headquarters).

White City - out in May; an Imperial Belgian Wit, brewed with coriander, green coriander, fennel seed, rosemary, bitter orange peel, and orange zest. Must remember to keep a bottle of the West Town Brewing Shiva's Wit for a taste battle (see upcoming post on homebrews).

Minx - out in July; a belgian imperial ipa, think fruity and a high alcohol content, yet very summer friendly.

Unnamed - they're going to surprise us all with this.

King Henry - out in November; American/British hybrid barleywine coming in at 11% ABV.

The as of yet, unreviewed Pepe Nero, a Black Belgian-style Saison/Farmhouse ale, came out last month. OMG Beer! sampled it recently, and loved it. Fruity, with just a hint of the flavors implied by the darkness, while very much a dry, slightly fruity saison.

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