Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quest for Beervana #3 - Tyranena Brewing Company Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter

Not quite enough time to sit down and review this delicious beer, even with two dates (OMG! Beer likes to party!). Served in a goblet, a porter-like brown with hints of red in the light. Benefited from this, hurt by being served in a pint glass. Aroma of fruit, chocolate and coffee, a stout like body, and lots of coffee in the flavor, with a perfectly subtle amount of bourbon (imagine the amount you might put in a cup of coffee to combat that vicious hangover you gave yourself the night before). The rye seemed lost in the flavor, but perhaps suggested by the spicy aftertaste. Paired well, surprisingly, with a Kuma's burger seared with a ginger-soy glaze, chile and garlic cooked pork, scallions, and fried wontons.

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