Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chicago Beer News - Half Acre's Ginger Twin India Style Red Ale

There's something special about the way Half Acre does "business." Really, without having met them, I've learned a few obvious things: they really love beer, they really like brewing it, they really like making it available to people, and they really like to do this whole process of giving people new beers as fast as possible. It's remarkable how often a new fresh beer shows up 5 miles north of OMG Beer! Headquarters. I think it's at least once a month, with old favorites returning already (Baume, their rye dry hopped stout is deliciously spicy on top of a solid stout foundation). The next Half Acre beer appears soon; go over to the Half Acre blog In Your Guts and check out the discounts for specially "gifted" ginger individuals.

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