Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christoffel Bier Blond/Double Hopped

Brewery: Bierbrouwerij Sint Christoffel B.V
Style: German Pilsner/Lager
Origin: Netherlands
ABV: 6.0%
Current OMG Rating: 7.3

Older bottles of this highly hopped lager were labelled Double Hopped, while it is now just referred to as the Christoffel Blond. Brewed in the German Pilsner style, this beer poured orange-amber, seemed cloudy for a lager, and had a white inch tall head that stood out. A light citrus flower hop aroma floated above sweet caramel and malt. Slightly toasted nut flavor first, then a sweet fruitiness that overwhelmed initially, only to leave behind a lingering earthy bitterness. The bottle says Saaz hops but the flavor they contribute to the beer is a lot less subtle than your typical german beer made with Saaz.

Overall, an interesting beer, combining a lager hop variety, ale hop quantities, and a lager yeast. The end result isn't particularly impressive, but it's a good beer, worth trying should you come across it.

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