Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tyranena Brewing Co. - Scurvy IPA

Brewery: Tyranena Brewing Co.
Name: Scurvy India Pale Ale
Style: India Pale Ale
Origin: American

Scurvy is a disease which results from Vitamin C deficiency. You may even remember from your childhood history classes, it afflicted the sailors on exploratory ships like those Columbus sailed. It's doubtful there's enough Vitamin C in Tyranena's Scurvy IPA to fight off the disease of the same name, but it's a nice idea, a beer that staves off illness. Scurvy pours a deep orange-red, almost like ruby red grapefruit, with a sticky head that lasts, and a lot of lacing. There's a distinct orange aroma laying atop other citrus notes, a malty bready background, and a very earthy, woodsy hop perfume. Almost skunky. The flavor hits a little bitter, orange and toasted bread, a hint of sweetness and more of the dank hops. Not overly carbonated at all, and medium-bodied. The hops are balanced well against the orange and malt backbone, and the finish isn't cloying given the sweet orange notes.

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