Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Pursuit of Beervana, #1 - Barley Island Brewing Co.

Sometimes you just can't sit down with a beer and have a discourse with it and about it. Maybe you're at a bbq, or a bar, or a party, or some other situation where something else takes precedence over beer, these things happen, no one is perfect. You can still enjoy a finely crafted ale or lager without analyzing it down to the atomic level. Recently, while out and about, OMG Beer! came across two such deliciously crafted offerings from Barley Island Brewing Co, out of Noblesville, IN. Their beers have started appearing in the Chicago market, and are definitely worth trying.

Barfly India Pale Ale - a very well balanced American IPA, where the citrus flavors of Summit hops meet a great caramel and bread malt background. Actually one of the more balanced American IPAs tasted recently, in this world of hop bombs and bitter smacks to the face.

Beastie Barrel Porter - An American Porter, aged over three months in bourbon whiskey barrels from Buffalo Trace in Kentucky. OMG Beer! is partial to this twist on the porter, having brewed one this past winter, and the way this beer tastes of bourbon and chocolate, with a smooth almost vanilla and roasted caramel aftertaste, makes it a new favorite.

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