Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beer and Food are Friends, Pairing #1

Took the opportunity on a visit to Jerry's Sandwiches to test out some beer-food pairing ideas. Sandwiches of any kind go well with beer. I've been on a big olive kick for the past few months, and when my eyes settled on a roasted chicken sandwich with olive relish, lemon mayo, and feta, I decided to see just how well I could do at finding the right beer to accompany it.

Gut reaction to the ingredients was to see what kind of Belgian Wits were on the beer list. The wheat/yeast background of this style, along with the citrus and spice notes, would match up well the olives and the salty tartness of the cheese and lemon. I went with a ciabatta roll for the bread, thinking the chewiness of the dough would be a good contrast to the almost champagne-like carbonation levels and the hint of sourness you can get from a belgian wit sometimes.

Unibroue's Blanche de Chambly ended up being my choice and the beer-sandwich combo really paid off. There were moments of washing down the sandwich with beer where the two actually melded together - perhaps one of the ways in which a pairing can be a success (the other being such a delicious contrast of flavors that the two items take nothing away from each other).

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