Monday, April 13, 2009

OMG Beer is moving...

After the move, regular posting will resume, but for the next week or two, things won't be all that regular
Here's a breakdown of some beers from wheat week drinking.

Bell's Winter White - a belgian-style wit, maybe with a hint of hefeweizen flavor as well. Delicious beer with a yeasty and spicy flavor.

Schneider Aventinus - a Weizen Bock from a venerable german brewery started by a brewmaster who worked for German royalty. May very well be OMG Beer's favorite wheat beer ever, and definitely the favorite when it comes to Weizen Bock.

Bell's Oberon - a subtle american wheat beer made for the midwestern summer. Great mild flavor, very drinkable. Extremely popular beer.

Two Brother's Bonfire Dunkle Weiss - reviewed by OMG Beer!

Two Brother's Monarch White - an Anniversary Wit-style beer from Two Brother's. Very drinkable, less yeast dominated than the Bell's Winter White, and kind of perfect for spring. Sadly though, spring in the midwest doesn't cooperate.

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