Thursday, April 2, 2009

Victory Moonglow Weizenbock

The first wheat beer of the week comes from Pennsylvania's Victory Brewing Company. Moonglow Weizenbock glows a reddish-amber color with a fluffy off-white head that is arguably moon colored (or at least, that makes for a nice description). Brewed with imported german yeast, this beer smells extremely complex and sweet, with hints of caramel, apple, vanilla, raisins and even chocolate, plus the bready smell of yeast. The first sips aren't quite as flavorful as the aroma suggests, mostly hitting the tongue with apple, hints of spices,caramel, and alcohol. Moonglow is pretty carbonated too, which brings out a little more bitterness than you'd expect from a beer that smells like dessert. I didnt get as much of the german banana and clove flavor I'd expect from a Weizenbock and wanted more of the aroma in the flavor of the beer. Still, a solid beer, and at 8.7% ABV, a fun choice for dessert.

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