Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Upcoming West Town Brewing Co. Beers...

January was a quiet month, with only one, or arguably, two homebrews. Inspired by the oak-aging going on in the commercial beer world and the need to perfect my porter recipe, I decided I'd reformulate my porter recipe, and then split it in half. Half would be aged in my mini secondary carboy with oak cubes and a half-pint of bourbon, while the other half would be aged normally. That second half is finally about to bottled. The bourbon oak half made an appearance on Super Bowl Sunday. The recipe for the porter will be up soon, along with a brief history of the porter.

To counter-balance the roasted malt and chocolate flavors of my porter, an IPA became the first West Town Brewing beer for February. This beer is about to be dry-hopped and then bottled (and it still needs a name). With only one weekend left, one other beer birth shall occur in February. I love dark wheat beer and I love rye beers, so why not try to combine the two and make a Rye Dunkelweizen? This might be a crap-shoot, or it might be awfully close to a german rye beer called Roggenbier.

Finally, there will be at least one March-produced beer. I recently received the awesome gift of Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewing. One of the easier to find and extremely tasty Dogfish Head beers is the Indian Brown Ale, which is described as a frankenstein hybrid of brown ale, scotch ale, and IPA. The Indian Brown Ale recipe just so happens to be in the pages of Extreme Brewing, so it seems appropriate to pay tribute to a great beer which serves as proof that brewing outside the style box is a good thing sometimes.

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