Monday, July 16, 2012

Solemn Oath + Bangers & Lace, August 8th (plus a tasting on Wednesday from Perennial Artisan Ales from STL)

If I posted all the cool events and pairings and so on at Bangers & Lace, you'd all accuse me of playing favorites, but this one promises to be delicious on both sides of the +/ampersand. Solemn Oath is the newish kid on the production block, based in Naperville, and joins up with the staff of B&L to put together a beer dinner on August 8th. Tickets here.

On top of that news, I also noticed there's a tasting on Wednesday with Perennial Artisan Ales. 4 beers, described below. Phil Wymore of Perennial spent some time at Goose Island and Half Acre. Wednesday, July 18th, try:

Hommel Bier (dry hopped belgian pale)
Saison de Lis (with chamomile)
Violet (tripel brewed with pluots)
Fantastic Voyage (Imperial coconut milk stout)

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