Monday, February 27, 2012

Fountainhead & Half Acre!

Half Acre beers! Flatbreads!
Here's the pairings. Looks delicious. I might even be there.

Chipotle Apple Flatbread
with Poached Apple, Chipotle Sauce, & Aged Cheddar

Paired with-

Callow Knife - 4.5% ABV
A lower octane pale ale that leans towards a copper color and gushes Falconer and Citra hops.

Coffee Chicken Flatbread
with Rosemary Oil & Date Syrup

Paired with-

Alpenglo - 3.5% ABV
This Winter Dark Ale is a concept reserved for the haul, the long push, the times when the day extends into the night. Roast punch and hop slice make this black ale your solution to winter sessions.

Roasted Almond Flatbread
with Fresh thyme & Gouda Cheese Sauce

Paired with-

Daly Double - 7.0% ABV
An India Pale Ale brewed in memoriam of Terry Daly, a friend of Half Acre Beer Company's, whom recently passed. Terry was Daisy Cutter's biggest fan and we were huge fans of his. Daly Double is an IPA rich in malts and juicy hop characteristics...a beer we believe Terry would've enjoyed thoroughly. 

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