Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beer of the Week, no. 1 - Half Acre Big Hugs Imperial Stout

A few days late but...I'm going to highlight 52 damn beers this year, the best of each week. The one that stands out. It might just be a review of a great beer, it might be a Beervana post, it might be "oh, I totally forgot I drank this on that bender...", OR, it might be the most emotional weighty beer, whatever.

Beer: Big Hugs Imperial Stout
Style: American Imperial Stout
Brewery: Half Acre
Notes: 10% ABV, uses a special blend of Dark Matter coffee

Half Acre wins. Sold out very quickly at the brewery's release party in December, but now popping up around town on tap or in bottles squirreled away by people as beer-nairdy as me. The coffee blends extremely well into the imperial stout, highlighting roasted malt notes, rather than overpowering them. Hints of chocolate, coffee, maybe some cream or vanilla swirl across your tongue. Some reviews noted more a bitter coffee flavor, but I thought this was remarkably balanced, especially by the hop heavy hands of Half Acre.  Not too heavy of a body. Very smooth, slightly creamy. The alcohol is hidden well. My boss and I put this away pretty quickly. Follow the beer link above to check out the three different labels from the last three years of Big Hugs.

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