Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Beervana, #4 - Two offerings from the UK

Ola DubhHarviestoun Brewery, Old Ale, 8.0% - A world-class beer. Old Ale (think malty, dark fruit flavors, often some complex sweetness) aged in a Highland Park 12 scotch barrel. The hints of scotch mostly slide in at the end, with a finish that suggests scotch and oak.  Perfect beer to sip after a big hearty meal, fireside. One of my favorites in this style.

Traquiar House Ale, Traquiar House, Scotch Wee Heavy, 7.2% - Another world-class, OMG Beer! favorite. Fermented in oak, just like the original version of this Scotch ale from the early 1800s. Very roasted malt, butterscotch, bitter chocolate, and some dark fruit, maybe plums and raisins. Super smooth, another sipper.

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