Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Beervana #3, Stouts continued

A true Beervana, I had both of these under duress. Just kidding, I just had them at parties and couldn't really explore them in any kind of depth.

Nectar Ales (Firestone-Walker) Black Xantus Imperial Stout - 11% ABV, aged in bourbon barrels. Absolutely stunning. Kind of bomber you share with a few friends while wearing Xmas sweaters and Santa hats, rave about it for ten minutes until the entire party knows that you're drinking the best thing in the fridge.
Creamy mix of coffee and chocolate flavors, with a hint of fruit.

Left Hand Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout - 10.20% ABV, aged four months. I didn't quite gush over this like I did the Black Xantus, but it's a fine beer. Hops stood out more without the bourbon barrel aging to soften the edges. Less creamy too, and a little bit boozier, even though less ABV.

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