Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Metropolitan Brewing releases Iron Works Alt

Last Friday, Metropolitan began celebrating a series of release parties for their new Iron Works Alt. Have no worries if you missed the first release party, at Hopleaf, because you can probably attend one of the following:

Friday, March 18th - Binny's in Lincoln Park, 5pm
Sunday, March 20th - Paddy Long's on Diversey, 7pm
Monday, March 21st - Fountainhead, 6pm
Friday, March 25th - West Lakeview Liquors, 6pm
Saturday, April 2nd - City Provisions, Noon

Some of you may remember the delicious I-Beam Alt. No word on similarities between the recipes.

"Alt" means old in German and in beer terms refers to the native beer of Dusseldorf, referring to an older method of brewing beer with ale yeast, but lagering. This means using cold temperatures to restrain the often fruity ester production of ale yeast, resulting in a beer that is still smooth, with a restrained maltiness that sits behind bolder german hop flavors. Predates the lagers of Germany, but could probably sit next to a darker lager and blend in well.

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