Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicagoland Beer - Flossmoor Station and The Bristol

Flossmoor Station, in the suburb of Flossmoor, makes great craft beer. They've got a unique touch on their specialty beers, have a history of fantastic IPAs, and their brewpub tasting sampler's been featured on OMG Beer recently (well, a lovely picture of it anyway). A visit their is a must for any Chicago beer geek, and the brewery is located right off of a Metra line. That said, only three beers are regularly available in the city: their current IPA, their Stationmaster Wheat, and the Pullman Brown, so brown/dark it has won awards in porter categories.

Recently, they collaborated with The Bristol and its staff on a saison and will be tapping the beer at the brewery on March 22nd. Hopefully, and this is why I'm posting, some will also be available in the city, at The Bristol. Named Saison & Garfunkle, brewmaster Bryan Shimkos described Saison & Garfunkle recently on the brewery's blog:

"The initial idea was a saison with citrus flavors, so we took notes and went to work on a test batch. Pleased with the test batch, we moved to the large system. The amounts of spices translated to 3#s of peppercorns, 1.5#s of fresh rosemary, and the peels from 20#s of clementines on the 15bbl system. This beer also did all of its fermentation above 80F, peaking at around 88F. What we have as a result is a very aromatic, freshly citrus beer with all the great characteristics of a Belgian farmhouse ale. The ABV on this brew is a hefty 8.3% so don't let the delicacy fool you."

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